Cost of your treatment / operation

Here you’ll find an initial overview of the costs of your treatment. Please note that the costs of plastic and cosmetic treatment and/or surgery are just as individual as the treatment itself. Prices depend on the type and extent of treatment, and the techniques, technology and materials used.

A 50.00 euro consulting fee will be charged for an initial physician’s consult.

Price list


Wrinkle Treatment (Botulinum Toxin)from 250€
Wrinkle Treatment (Hyaluronan)from 200€
PRP Therapy / Vampire Lift (per session / area)from 350€
Meso Therapy – Mesolift (per session / area)from 150€
Peelingfrom 200€
Phenolpeeling Full-Facefrom 3,500€
Phenolpeeling peri-oral regionfrom 2,500€
Phenolpeeling lower eyelid regionfrom 2,200€
Radio Frequency/Needling (GENIUS)from 350€
Radio Frequency Therapy/Ultrasonic (SOFTWAVE)from 900€
MedicalNeedling (3 sessions)from 200€
Thread Liftingfrom 1,000€
Upper Eyelid Surgeryfrom 2,300€
Lower Eyelid Surgeryfrom 3,300€
Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgeryfrom 4,500€
Ear Reshapingfrom 3,100€
Tip of the Nosefrom 4,200€
Rhinoplastyfrom 6,500€
Forehead Liftfrom 2,500€
Facelift (neck/cheek lift)from 8,900€
Facelift with foreheadfrom 9,500€
Vessel Laser (per session / area)from 200€
Fractional Co2 laserfrom 600€


Breast Augmentation with Implantsfrom 6,100€
Implant Replacementfrom 6,500€
Breast Augmentation with Liftfrom 7,200€
Breast Augmentation with Fat Transplantfrom 4,100€
Breast Liftfrom 5,900€
Breast Reduction with Liftfrom 7,300€
Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)from 3,100€
Nipple reductionfrom 1,900€
Nipple correctionfrom 1,500€


Liposuction (Depending on Body Region)from 2,000€
Cryolipolysis (Starter Package)from 550€
Intragastric Balloonfrom 4,100€
Abdominoplasty (lower)from 3,900€
Abdominoplasty (complete)from 6,500€
Upper Arm Liftfrom 3,800€
Upper Thigh Liftfrom 4,900€
Labia Correctionfrom 2,400€
Sweat Gland Suctionfrom 2,500€
Treating Sweat Glands with Botox®from 650€