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Laugh lines (crow’s feet) or pronounced expression lines are our personal lifelines earned by our years of life. Although they give our faces character, they also show our age prematurely and can make us look tired. And loss of volume in the cheek area can make even the young look slightly past their sell-by date. However, you don’t have to resign yourself to this: Whether it’s with botulinum (Botox®), hyaluronan (filler), laser treatment or transplanted fat, nowadays you have a wide range of options to combat these unwanted changes.

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin A (Botox®) (injected)

The use of Botox® is useful in treating expression lines, which are caused by muscle movement. Botulinum directly addresses the precise cause of these wrinkles. The active ingredient is carefully injected into the muscles to be treated. The bacterial protein it contains temporarily prevents the transfer of nerve impulses to the affected muscles. Muscle activity is reduced and skin appears smoother. Botox® is particularly effective on crow’s feet, as well as so-called “frown lines.”


Wrinkle treatment with fillers (injected)

To treat wrinkles, we use fillers like hyaluronan or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®). The structure of hyaluronan is very similar to the hyaluronan the body produces itself and is therefore very compatible. Treatment with fillers fills out and lifts pronounced wrinkles (e.g., nasolabial folds). Hyaluronan is also suitable for gently shaping and toning lip contours. Lost volume in the cheek area can be rebuilt using fillers.


Wrinkle treatment with lasers

Laser treatment is particularly expedient for small surface creases. Using the most modern laser techniques, the upper layers of the skin are removed and are then able to regenerate. The new skin appears much more fresh and smooth.


Wrinkle treatment with dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is considered a surgical procedure. Under local anesthetic, we mechanically polish the surface layer of the affected area of skin. This eliminates wrinkles, uneven areas and scars – skin is renewed and gains a younger and more even appearance.


Wrinkle treatment with transplanted fat (injected)

If treatment involves increasing the volume of larger areas of skin, treatment with injected transplanted fat is very successful. However, the fat cells required must be taken from another area. Although this makes the procedure more complex, it does involve a positive side effect: the liposuction required for the procedure also removes unwanted fatty deposits from problem zones.


Before and after treatment

We’ll first discuss which wrinkle treatment is best suited to you in a personal consultation. One week before your scheduled treatment, you should stop taking any blood thinning medications, for example, aspirin. This allows us to minimize unwanted bruising after treatment.

After wrinkle treatment with fillers or Botox, patients often experience minor swelling and redness. You may also experience some light bruising. Both symptoms are temporary and generally go away very quickly. With dermabrasion or laser treatment, a scabby layer forms over the skin and usually heals within a week. Your skin will then be very sensitive for a few weeks. During this time, you should avoid the sun and use high-SPF sunscreen.


Which type of wrinkle treatment is best suited to whom?

Wrinkle treatment is generally suitable for all men and women who want a younger and fresher appearance. If the problem is minimal wrinkling like frown lines or crow’s feet, treatment with botulinum toxin is recommended. Fillers like hyaluronan are best suited to filling out individual wrinkles and repairing volume loss. For treatment of large wrinkle areas, uneven areas or scarring, laser treatment or dermabrasion is best. If large amounts of volume loss are to be treated, treatment with a fat transplant is recommended. It’s often the case that a combination of various treatment techniques is recommended.

Useful information on wrinkle treatment

Duration: Depending on scope and method of treatment, 15 to 60 minutes. Anesthetic cream or local anesthesia possible upon request. We use: botulinum, hyaluronan, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse®), fat transplant.

Cooling of the area of skin treated. Special skincare to optimize results.

Treatment options: forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, wrinkles at the corners of the mouth, cheek and eye area, tear ducts, chin area, rhinoplasty. For older skin, a combination of different treatments is often required.

Costs may vary depending on the type of wrinkle treatment and your individual baseline status. You can find an initial overview here: Costs