Ear surgery (otoplasty)

Your Experts on Ear surgery

Dr. med. H. M. Pult
Dr. med. S. Zimmermann

Just as we can with adults, children can also undergo plastic surgery on their ears since the ears will reach their final size at the age of 5-6. Making an incision behind the ear, we can change the shape and position of the ear. We can also reshape the earlobe. The art of ear reshaping lies in achieving results where the ear looks normal and natural, without visible scars or kinks.

Useful information on ear surgery

OP duration: 1,5 hours. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia (children) upon request. Outpatient.

Head bandage for 1 day (3 days for children). Forehead bandage at night for 3 weeks. Dissolving sutures; suture removal not required.

Able to resume normal social activities after 1 week. Sports after 4 weeks. The ears can easily be covered by long hair, allowing you to return to work after just 3 days.

Ear reshaping at our private clinic starts at 3100 euros. You can find additional information on prices and financing options for your operation here: Prices.