Financing options for your treatment / operation

If you’re unable to pay the entire fee for the treatment or operation you want up front, that does not stand in the way of you receiving treatment with us. Our financing partners enables you to pay for the costs of your treatment incredibly easily and comfortably, at low interest rates and in monthly installments of your choosing.


How does the financing work?

After attending a consultation at our private clinic, we provide you with an estimate of costs. Upon request, you’ll then receive an informational brochure included credit application form from our financial partners. Once your request has been reviewed, you’ll receive a response in just a few days. Your credit request is non-binding and does not obligate you to make any payments. Once your credit has been approved, nothing else stands in the way of your treatment.


Costs and installments

The costs of plastic and cosmetic treatment and/or surgery are just as individual as the treatment itself. Treatment costs depend on the type and extent of treatment, and the techniques, technology and materials used. Therefore, a specific financing offer can only be made to you after we have prepared a cost estimate.