Your Experts on Rhinoplasty

Dr. med. H. M. Pult

Thought to be too big, too narrow, asymmetrically shaped or with a big bump – being unhappy with the shape of your nose is not a fate we must resign ourselves to for our entire lives. Modern nasal surgery allows us to make small corrections, from the tip of the nose to completely remodeling the entire nose. These interventions are also possible with no external scarring.

Individual treatment plan

A precise analysis of the baseline situation and a treatment plan developed for the individual’s face shape are the most important requirements for an optimal rhinoplasty result. The aim is to shape the nose in such a way that it ties in harmoniously with the rest of your face. To provide our patients with precise visualizations, we are happy to offer computer simulations of the expected result.


Rhinoplasty procedure

Reshaping an organ as sensitive as the nose requires the greatest possible professional competence. The functionality of the nose cannot be impaired in any way for the purpose of aesthetic optimization. Crucial to this are a precise initial analysis and extensive knowledge of the anatomical and organic structure of the nose.

The most modern surgical techniques allow us to shape the nose incredibly carefully without impairing the stability of the supporting cartilaginous and bone structure. Another advantage of our innovative approach is a post-operative process that is nearly pain free. We use only the finest ointment gauze to tamponade the nose; this must only be worn for one night and can then be removed the next morning.


Scars that are barely visible

Depending on the situation, the incision will be made either internally or externally. While a closed incision involves operating on the interior of the nose, resulting in no externally visible scarring, an “open” technique is more appropriate when reshaping asymmetrical noses. To do this, a fine and inconspicuous, w-shaped incision is made on the lower bridge of the nose.

Useful information on rhinoplasty

OP duration: 2 to 2.5 hours. General anesthesia recommended. Outpatient and inpatient (1 night) possible.

Wear a plastic splint for 1 week. Removal of sutures after 1 week (when the “open” technique is used). Full and final results seen after several months.

Thanks to a special supplementary local anaesthetic, nose operations are possible with us almost pain-free. Our gentle surgical technique also contributes to this. There is only a slight feeling of pressure when wearing a splint. Able to return to work after 1 week. Able to return to normal social activity after 7 to 10 days, sports after 6 weeks.

The price of rhinoplasty varies depending on the scope of the procedure. Reshaping the tip of the nose starts at 4200 euros, and a full rhinoplasty starts at 6500 euros. You can find more information on the financing options we offer for your rhinoplasty here: Financing.