facelift ästhetik in dresden

Facelift / neck lift

If your brow is furrowed or you’ve developed saggy cheeks, the loose tissue should be returned to its original position. Sometimes we can perform the necessary procedure endoscopically (“keyhole technique”) without leaving visible scars on the face. With the individually tailored treatment options that are available today, we can achieve beautiful, natural results to give you the fresh face you want.

Useful information on face/neck lifts


OP duration: 3-4 hours. General anesthesia recommended. Inpatient (2 nights).

post-operative treatment

Removal of sutures 1 and 2 weeks post-op.


Able to return to work after 10 days. Able to return to normal social activity after 14 days. Sports after 6 weeks. We often recommend also performing liposuction of the neck with micro cannulas to achieve an optimal chin line.


Facelift at our private clinic starts at 7500 euros. A forehead lift starts at 2500 euros. You can find additional information about prices and financing options for your operation here: Costs.