Plastische & Ästhetische Chirurgie in Dresden


Our surgeons, Dr. Holger M. Pult and Dr. Stefan Zimmermann, are members of national and international medical associations. Regular advanced training and continuing education as well as a mutual exchange of knowledge with other members enable us always remain on top of the latest medical developments and provide you with the highest possible quality standards.

A list of our memberships:

  • DGPRÄC – Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen (“German Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons”)
  • VDÄPC – Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen (“Association of German Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons”)
  • DGÄPC – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie (“German Association for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery”)
  • IPRAS – International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (“International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery”)
  • BDC – Berufsverband der Deutschen Chirurgen (“Professional Association of German Surgeons”)
  • DGIntim – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Intimchirurgie und Genitalästhetik e.V. (“German Association for Intimate Surgery and Genital Aesthetics”)
  • DGBT – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Botulinumtoxin-Therapie (“German Association for Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy”)
  • DGM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mesotherapie (“German Association for Mesotherapy”)
  • DGH – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Handchirurgie (“German Association for Hand Surgery”)