Removing skin lesions

The number of benign and malignant skin lesions has significantly increased over the past ten years. Liver spots, birth marks, basal cell carcinomas and melanomas can be removed in accordance with the latest tumor guidelines. We conduct a histological examination of the tissue to ensure correct diagnosis. Any tissue defects that remain once the tumor is removed are closed using plastic and cosmetic surgery techniques, leaving as little scarring as possible. Where indicated, we can use laser technology to treat you.

Useful information on removing skin lesions


Laser or scalpel. OP duration: 15-60 minutes. Local anesthesia, twilight sleep or general anesthesia upon request.

post-operative treatment

Where necessary, removal of sutures after 7-10 days, skincare.


With suspicious findings, it may be best to plan for treatment to be undertaken in two separate surgical steps: remove the skin lesion, perform a histological examination of the tissue in the knowledge that all the affected cells have been removed from the healthy tissue and then close the wound.